Cerradura de puerta de embutir de paso 6072ZL
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Cerradura de puerta de embutir de paso 6072ZL

  • 72 mm
  • 60 mm
  • CE/UKCA EN12209 (3 X 9 1 0 G - B 0 2 0)
  • 240 minutos (puerta de acero);90 minutos (puerta de madera)
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Product Description






SS304; size: 8*8mm


SS304; Thickness: 3mm

Compliance with

CE UKCA EN12209/DIN18251/EN1634-1

Fire resistance

240mins (Steel door); 90mins (Timber door)

Passage mortise door lock 6072ZL details

Mortise lock passage function

Passage mortise lock also called latch mortise lock, means the latch bolt can be operated by lever handle both the inside and the out side at any time. The function of this mortise lock is never will be locked, which can be widely used in the passage in public buildings.

Projection of latch bolt of mortise door lock

Latch bolt is a very important part of mortise lock, which plays a crucial role in fire resistance and smoke control performance. The dimensions of the latch bolt comply with DIN18251 standard for use in fire and/or smoke control doorsets:

Projection: 12mm

Height: 30.7mm

Thickness: 12.1mm


  • Grade 3, according to European standard EN12209/DIN18251

  • Reversible latch suitable for DIN left and DIN right doors

  • 72mm center distance ,60mm backset

  • Fire rated 240mins on steel door ; 90mins on timber door

  • Passed 200,000 test cycles

  • Corrosion resistance 240 hours

  • Stainless steel 304 material

Passage mortise lock backset

EN12209 Classification

Classification of Passage mortise lock

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